Premier League to withdraw gambling sponsorships from shirts

April 13 (Reuters) – Premier League clubs have collectively agreed to stop featuring gambling sponsorships on the front of soccer kits from the 2026-27 season, the English top-flight league said on Thursday. Should you loved this information and you want to receive more info with regards to สล็อต fun88 assure visit our internet site. Newcastle fanzine criticises fellow supporters for flying… ‘Two relegations and your luck is out… Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez turns up in Liverpool to greet… David Moyes admits Alan Shearer was RIGHT when pundit called…

The Prime Minister likes to talk about fixing the ‘burning injustices’ in society, well, Mrs May, what about the injustice of a multi-billion-pound industry sucking the hope out of our worst-off communities? Three per cent had also made bets online using their own money. And last year research showed the biggest gambling operators were targeting children with their favourite cartoon and storybook characters. There is also a quirk in UK industry rules allowing brands to advertise in Britain without a licence of their own, which gives firms the chance to operate ‘at the fringes’ of regulation, the report said.

Gambling is becoming more and more normalised for our children — that first bet as much a rite of passage as the first kiss or first driving lesson — because of the relentless advertising, promotions and cunning marketing tools used by the industry to hook people — of any age. According to a report in The Times, ministers have signalled that the white paper will not include shirt sponsorship restrictions if the voluntary agreement was reached.

The report added that sleeve deals are still permitted. In practice, the kids find their way around it. According to the Gambling Commission, six per cent of 11 to 15-year-olds have gambled online using their parents’ accounts. Hang on, you cry: isn’t gambling for under-18s meant to be illegal? “The announcement follows an extensive consultation involving the league, its clubs and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport as part of the Government’s ongoing review of current gambling legislation.

The bleak truth is that Britain’s hugely successful gambling industry, which sits like a parasite leeching money and hope out of the country’s poorest communities, is ensnaring more and more youngsters in its net. The watchdog said the changes would make it quicker and easier to take action over breaches such as misleading promotions and bonus offers, as well as unreasonable restrictions on withdrawals of winnings.

A tenner on Sergio Aguero to score next at 3-1!’ For kids watching today, half-time is not when you grab a snack but when that patron saint of tough nuts, Ray Winstone, the frontman for the most successful of all online betting companies, bet365, bellows at you to get a bet on quick: ‘Come on laaaaaads! Rafa Benitez keen to take advantage of short Liverpool… Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez refuses to rule out possibility… Newcastle vs Liverpool: Team news, kick-off time, probable.

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